The Elegant History Of Carriage Clocks

A carriage clock is a rectangular cased clock of modest proportions and size. It was basically designed for the rigors of travel or other equally demanding endeavor during the 19th century era. Most people usually traveled by carriage during this time (more prevalent in richer folks), and this is the main reason why these clocks […]

Wallpapers: History, Types, Cleaning, and Removal

Wallpapers are also known as wall coverings. There are many different designs printed on the wallpapers, so you can buy wallpaper with the right style and color for whatever your home or office theme is. Let us get to know more about the history of wallpapers. How did they come about? Who invented them? 4000 […]

Beautiful Curtains To Suit The Interior Design Style Of Your Home

Window treatments such as beautiful curtains help in changing the informal mood of your living room to a very desirable relaxed atmosphere. Sweeping curtain open from the centre and allowing them to cascade into pools of fabric are ideal for modern homes. Traditional styles opt for a more formal look when the curtains are opened […]

How to Select Antique Garden Accessories and Statues

The careful selection of antique outdoor and antique garden accessories and statues when planning an outdoor area or garden is very important. We tend to make mistakes in the selection antique outdoor and antique garden accessories and statues in relation to the size and quantity. The following are a few factors for selecting antique outdoor […]

Space Saving TV Stands

Television stands serve more functions than holding the television. They can act as storage space for your entertainment equipment and accessories, and can save space in your house. This is especially important when the available space is limited as in large number of modern homes. They are also a major item of furniture in whatever […]