Identification of art pieces, antique figurines, and antique furniture and reproductions

Collectors of Fine art prints, antique figurines, antique furniture, rugs, chinaware, and antique furniture reproduction go any lengths to obtain them. These people have to get over a few hurdles of fakes, reprints and scams. Remember that like in any business, there are always reprints, counterfeits, fakes and scams in the field of antique dealings […]

Where to shop for a water trough

Most of the people just don’t know where they can buy a really top quality water trough. If you ask me, I will refer you to internet. Use Google to find all the local sellers and dealers in your town. Search for them in internet yellow pages and you will find them there. You don’t […]

My dad’s intentions

My dad told me something interesting this morning. He said that he wanted to give propane a try. After that, he informed me about the website of Paraco Gas Corporation and since I am a really curious person, I decided to visit it right away. I had no idea that this company has been selling […]

Changing The Style Of Your Bathroom On A Budget

Bring colour into your bathroom with great colour combinations which remind you of your holidays! The revival of white bathrooms suites enables you to use any colour you want to without it being uniform. Free standing roll top baths with claw feet are becoming increasingly popular as they enable you to place the bath anywhere […]

Finding The Best Table Hardware Supplier

Household furnishings are a major proponent of keeping daily life comfortable and well managed at all times. Many people decide to complete projects that are aimed at creating the furnishings and items they need individually in order to save money while also being able to simply enjoy the accomplishment of creating something individually. Anyone interested […]

Copper Sinks 101

Copper sinks have gained popularity in recent years and continue to be a top choice amongst high end home owners because of their unique design and aesthetic. Copper also has a unique benefit which is that it is antimicrobial, which means that bacteria and germs including E. coli, influenza, staphylococcus and more can only live […]

At Home With… Joanna Hauptman of Hyde House

Hyde House was born when… I couldn’t find the right furniture for my new home within my budget. I designed each piece and commissioned my partner and furniture maker, Richard Searle, to make them. The feedback from our friends and family was overwhelmingly positive so we decided to launch Hyde House. We’ve created a collection […]

Different Ideas for Deck Railing

Get outside … enjoy the sunshine, barbecue, an after-work leisure time on your deck also includes the idea that you, your children, pets and friends are safely through the engineering and elegant bridge railings. No longer had the province of the plain of pressure treated wood, deck rail express contemporary style with the cool design, […]