At home with… Clare Gage

Design boutique ceramicist Clare Gage is breathing cool new life into the British tea-drinking tradition with her textile and ceramic fused tableware collection (from £14). Here, the first class graduate talks awards, getting herself out there and what makes her tick. I struck on the idea… of fusing ceramics and textiles during my final year […]

For Job Areas With Noise, Window Blinds Can Help

Vertical blinds offer a trouble-free solution to noise issues in offices, simply and beautifully. When you install vertical blinds, you have many options for controlling light and noise in an office. Lighting is the most obvious control issue, but noise is another issue that can be controlled by using window blinds. The noise can be […]

Decorating with Rugs

Rugs are both decorative and practical. You should aim to get the best of both worlds when using rugs in your house. Rugs can also be used to separate and distinguish areas in a room. This is useful for efficient use of space. You can follow some of the suggestions below in order to achieve […]

Choosing The Right Kitchen Worktop To Suit The Furniture

When choosing a new worktop for your kitchen, there are a number of choices on offer, the trouble is picking the right one. Which one would be of a good quality wooden worktop and which out of the choices will last for a longer period? After all, the worktop is what brings out the design […]