Light Kitchen Cabinets With LED Strips To Add Elegance And Save Energy

Kitchen cabinet lighting with linear strips gives the architect and builder complete freedom of application, and allows the homeowner and interior designer to generally expand the decorative quality of kitchen lighting. Custom linear strips manufactured to the exact mounting requirements and dimensions of cabinet undersurfaces and interiors allow designers to source exceptional glare free luminance. […]

Contemporary Wood Platform Beds

Let’s start be describing what platform beds actually are and why they are such a good idea. Basically they are beds consisting of a mattress on a solid platform raised off the floor by legs or framing. This allows for the floor space beneath the platform to be used for either living or storage. If […]

Summer’s Here! Marvellous Mediterranean Home Interior Style Ideas

The Mediterranean home interior style ideas with their soft, rich, and wispy appearance through the pale neutral colours from the Aegean region are gaining tremendous popularity among busy homeowners longing for an interior design that merges relaxed beauty with stylish elegance. With the summer sun melting down everything and everyone under the sky, no one […]