Rita Konig on Tableware

Melamine platters These come in good colours and are quite easy to find. They are perfect for serving hors d’oeuvres before dinner and because they look so good they make even quite ordinary things – or at least easy-to-find things, like silver-skin cocktail onions, little gherkins, quails’ eggs, little hunks of Parmesan or Pecorino – […]

Points to Ponder When Choosing a Commercial Kitchen mat

When considering the type of mat that work best in your commercial kitchen should be taken into consideration all that abuse to bear mat. The challenge is to find a mat kitchen that will serve the needs of people in the workplace and improve their working environment. Issues such as comfort or ease of maintenance, […]

Using Colour Within Your Home

Classical interiors are full of colour, even in Victorian times they tried to include as much colour as they could within their homes. The more wealthy had the choice of paint colours in green, reds ochre, blue being the most popular, whereas the poorer people predominantly white washed their walls as paint was an unaffordable […]

Decorate With Wall Clocks

Wall clocks do more than just tell the time, they remind you of the time. There are many clocks that a person can have in their home. There are some who use these as decorative ornaments in their homes because they have value of sentiment to them. There are those who also like to turn […]

Creating the Perfect Princess Nursery

For those of you expecting a new addition to the family, congratulations! You are in for many great joys, but also a lot of work. Whether you are planning a move to a larger house or apartment, or are staying in the same home, you need to prepare your living space for the new arrival. […]