Summer’s Here! Marvellous Mediterranean Home Interior Style Ideas

The Mediterranean home interior style ideas with their soft, rich, and wispy appearance through the pale neutral colours from the Aegean region are gaining tremendous popularity among busy homeowners longing for an interior design that merges relaxed beauty with stylish elegance.

With the summer sun melting down everything and everyone under the sky, no one can turn a blind eye to the exclusivity offered by the Mediterranean style. Its luscious marbleised flooring and wall designs so suggestive of spacious Turkish grottos, the delicate ease of its window coverings in the Grecian styling and its white-washed tranquillity spelling a warm climate lifestyle!

Easy and light are this versatile designer interior styles key points. It is time to dump all those fancy sofa coverings and heavily fringed curtains in the corner cabinets and wooden wall shelves. As such this style can be best implemented if you can manage to think as ‘sparse’ as possible and go for all open-up possibilities for your house.

Widen all your room window’s sills to create a mini- seating area, add shelves at different heights to display Mediterranean style objects or use French windows to bring the outside space into your home. In one of the corners of your living room, plant a ceiling-high plant or tree deep inside one of those naturally beautiful terracotta pots to give more of an open-air and Mediterranean feeling to the room.

The Mediterranean look can frame everything from your fireplace screen to your dining room table, to the headboard of your master bedroom with its glass-topped tables, ornamental iron, pottery urns and curled, wrapped steel!

Don’t forget to consider the scrumptious fruits and vegetables that thrive abundantly in the Mediterranean regions. These seasonal pleasures can be very well incorporated in the decor of your house.

Try out the ‘faux fruit’ available in so many decorating supply and gift stores. You can go for anything from ruby red tomatoes to traditional figs and thick ripe branched olives. Have lots of wicker baskets filled with such delectable fruits and vegetables as focal points in your kitchen or dinning area.

You can also experiment with mysterious apothecary bottles and fill them with unspoiled tree branches along with a couple of bright red geraniums to inject a fiery red to the room as accent points to bathrooms and bedrooms.

Accessorisese with elegant wall coverings and vases, dried flowers and sweet-scented flowers, all in such appealing colours as biscuit, water melon, sea blue, sage green, apricot, lemon and lilac.

Don’t be hesitant to experiment with any of these. Cover your chair rails, window frames and door jambs with splashes of your favourite Mediterranean inspired colours. You can also capture the lovely Mediterranean essence in your home by displaying bowls, cups, and glasses in cupboards without the doors attached or use plain open wall-boxes.

If you are planning to knock out a wall, then consider going for white or even black steel or iron with several curls and curves as a support. Further enhance its appearance by complementing it with table lamps and floor lamps fashioned in a similar style.

Also use an elegant, gauzy lampshade, preferably in lightest cream or palest yellow to offset all the decorative metals beautifully. There’s nothing wrong about experimenting with new Mediterranean home interior style ideas so long as you enjoy adopting the colours and styles into your home!

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