Bring Color To Your Rooms By Using Cheap Rugs

Expensive rugs are a beautiful way to express your true bedroom style provided you haven’t furnished your home and carpets that serve as accessories that accentuate a room are not yet fully installed. Worry not as you can buy cheap rugs that work wonderfully well to liven up a furnished room!

The color of your flooring is one important consideration that you would have to make before choosing a rug. If you plan to buy a rug, you can pick up a colour that is similar to that of your walls or compliments the accent colour in your room.

Always map out the measurements of your rug along with the shape that would suit your room’s dimensions. Cheap does not mean bad looking as well thought out colours not only liven up your room but also provide all important contrasts in texture. It is necessary to have a focal point, which can bring together all other elements within the room to create a sense of harmony and cohesion. Hence, adding a rug is an easy and affordable way to bring colour into a room.

You should consider the natural occurring heavy traffic areas of the room as well as the placement of furniture, it is pointless having a beautiful rug if nearly all ofit is covered by by the sofa or large table!

Another essential consideration is how is your room themed whether it is modern or is it country? Is it conventionally classic or easy going? Is it cosy and warm or stylish and trendy? These are some of the things, which you would have to keep in mind before you buy a rug.

The rug you choose should always contrast your flooring as using dark rug on a dark floor doesn’t serve any purpose and much of the detail within the rug will be lost. Remember to keep within the colour scheme of the room, or simply opt for a completely contrasting rug to inject pattern and colour into a plain flooring.

It is better to take samples of color shades of your room flooring, walls and upholstery in order to know whether the carpet complements your room. Always keep in mind the traffic of your house in order to have maximum durability. Sometimes people use rugs on top of their expensive carpets particulalrly in high traffic areas. For example if a carpet is light and pale you can throw over a small rug of a complementary color in order to bring out the color of the carpet and enhance its overall apperance as well as helping it to become less marked.

You can play with patterns as well by placing smaller patterns of rugs on the bigger patterns of carpet or vice versa. Alternatively, you could use several smaller rugs over a carpet in complementary colors to make your own pattern.

One more advantage of using cheap rugs is that you can keep changing them to blend with the seasons and keep your room looking up-to date with the latest design colours! Place a cosy little rug near your bed to get that warm feeling to step onto on cold winter’s mornings or placing a rug in front of the fireplace in your lounge will make it appear cosier! Cheap rugs are an ideal way to brighten your home effortlessly!

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