Choosing The Right Kitchen Worktop To Suit The Furniture

When choosing a new worktop for your kitchen, there are a number of choices on offer, the trouble is picking the right one. Which one would be of a good quality wooden worktop and which out of the choices will last for a longer period? After all, the worktop is what brings out the design of the kitchen and one will need to get this right. Whether it is beech, oak or walnut worktops this is what people will notice above anything else making it an important feature.

The first thing that people should take into consideration is how well the wooden worktop will suit the rest of the furnishing in the kitchen. If most of the chairs and table are made from Beech would then the obvious choice would be to coincide with that design and opt for a beech worktop. Beech wood provides a light and airy look, making the kitchen appear much more modern and brightens the area up. This can also create the illusion of a larger and spacious kitchen, giving the kitchen a sense of comfort and allowing more room for social meetings.

The kitchen can very often be the first place people go for dinners and having get together with family and friends. Walnut worktops can give a much more rich and luxurious look to the kitchen. As walnut worktops are darker in colour than beech, it is important to make sure that you get the rest of the kitchen appliances right before opting for this material. Walnut itself is probably the most sought after wood for many centuries and have been consistently sought after by cabinet makers.

American Black walnut worktops are amongst the top end kitchen worktops, in which manufacturers will always offer as the best choice to make. These create a very warm and welcoming feeling dramatically changing the way the kitchen appears and instantly transforming it into an inviting space in the house. However, a worktop of this standard is exclusive and unfortunately does not come cheap. Although the quality is set so high that it is guaranteed to last for a longer period, withstanding a lot of knocks and frequent usage.

As walnut is a diverse material some manufacturers have been able to use this in a number of ways and have created different styles that are easily available and affordable.

Oak worktops have also been a favourite amongst homeowners, due to its rich and lustrous appeal, as well as its ability to resist knife marks and contact from kitchen equipment. American white oak is the most popular and prized worktop choice one can make. These have very delicate grain patterns and are very hard and heavy. They are a favourite because of the look, feel and ability to match almost any furnishing style. After a prolonged usage, they can easily be sanded down to restore its original beauty. They also produce patina that helps to enhance its beauty each year.

Oak are a much more practical choice and a good investment for anyone looking to restore ‘youth’ back into their kitchen without having to spend a large sum of money on renovation work. Like walnut worktops they can be used for a number of different furnishing and tailored to a few different styles, with pure oak being the most unique and appealing of them all.

Choosing one of these worktop materials all boils down to the kind of quality you are looking for, how long you would want it to last and how well it will match the rest of the kitchen design. Most of all one should question whether it is good value for money, as they will have direct contact with kitchen tools and therefore care should be taken in keeping them maintained.

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