Create Gorgeous Bedrooms Using Reversible Bed Sets

Who doesn’t want a bedroom where they can have a sanctuary and be at peace? Luxury bedding were once the right of the rich and the royal but not any more, there are many stylish and very affordable types of bedding to suit your interior design style and bedroom colour schemes.

Egyptian cotton, luxury bedding is soon becoming a necessity even for an average person. People, in today’s modern world, want a durable, comfortable and fashionable styles of bedding. This is especially true for delicately embroidered and neutral coloured sheets with high thread count. Materials like high quality linen, silk with beautiful motifs and cotton fabrics especially linen are the most popular choices for natural and soft bedding sheets.

Luxury bedding just by itself can accentuate and bring beauty to your room without any accessories or alterations. use neutral colours like ivory, light green, white or taupe and smaller detailing for the bedroom curtains. You need not colour coordinate everything, just use colours that complement each other or create a monochromatic style by using different shades of the same colour.

One can always buy neutral bedding and spice it up with pillows which have designs to add a dash of colour to your neutral bedding. You can keep changing the colours of pillow covers. This is the best way to bring a variety of different looks into the room.

If your room is crowded with furniture, you can also go opt a headboard covered with a neutral fabric so that it makes your room look less crowded. One advantage of using luxury bedding is that it is available in standard sizes as well as king size and super king size to fit your bed perfectly irrespective of its size.

Always keep in mind decorating your bedroom in a way that appeals to you not just because it is in fashion. This includes your bed as well, it should be functional, comfortable and stylish. Luxury bedding can be bought from discount stores or on online retailers so that the overall cost is very affordable. If you are not in a mood to go for the lacklustre neutral bedding, then go ahead and experiment with colours but only do that after considerable thought, as you may find it too overpowering!

If you have a neutrally coloured bedroom then you can buy bedding that is black or colourful in order to make your room look lively. Opt for patterns to inject style as well as colour and choose a compilation of shades to add a sense of cohesion and balance.

White and cream coloured bedding needs to be crisp, simple and plain. They can be accentuated by lighter prints, embroidery, sequins, or better still decorate them with colourful accessories like throws, boudoir style pillows or the latest trends of bed runners. You can also keep changing your bedding to suit the mood of changing seasons.

Clear and calming whites are a better option during summers, alternatively you could go for brighter green or cool summer prints to coordinate with white. You can use warm orange or vivacious red during chilly winters to create a feeing of sensuous warmth.

Keep your bed simple and clean, as overdoing anything will actually make the bed look cluttered rather than calming. Coordinated, reversible bed sets are the ideal option.

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