Creating A Celestial Themed Nursery For Your Child

With a new baby on the way, it’s time to start thinking about a nursery. Here’s an idea that’s literally out of this world – a celestial nursery! Not only can this nursery theme be soothing for the baby (and you), but you might be inspiring a tiny astronaut or astronomer.

Since budget is a big concern for most of us, we have made sure that this idea will fit any bank account. You can pick the suggestions that best fit the space that you have available, so the size of your home is not an issue.

The Celestial Theme

This is an easy, yet pleasing theme for a nursery and has the added benefit of being perfect for a boy or a girl, so gender is not an issue here. You can choose between the sunny day or the starry night type of celestial theme. The main colors here will be blue and yellow, whether you choose the day or night version. Don’t think that the blue color indicates a boy, because the use of other highlights make it appropriate for anyone. Now to get started!

Ceiling, Walls, and Floor

If you want a day theme, then light blue will be the base color. For a van Gogh Starry Night theme, you will be using a darker blue for the base. Whites and yellows are important for highlights; yellow can be used for the sun in the day version and the stars in the night version.

The most important part of the room for this theme is the ceiling. Use the appropriate shade of blue for the time of day you have chosen to create your base. Once you have the ceiling painted, you can add some stars with sticky backing. This can be even more fun if you can find some stars that glow in the dark. For the day theme, add some fluffy white clouds to the ceiling. These can also glow in the dark, if you like. If you can’t find sticky-backed clouds, just paint your own.

You might draw the outline of the clouds in light pencil before you add the white paint. The sun (day) or moon (night) can be painted on the side wall that you feel most needs some life and color. Keep the sun or moon large! If you have the budget for wallpaper instead of paint, then stars and moon or clouds and sun wallpaper are widely available.

Money Saving Tip #1: Although wallpaper looks great, it is usually more expensive and difficult to work with than paint. You can save both time and money by doing the work yourself with paint. You can always use a little wallpaper for the trim around doors and windows as long as you can match the color with a complimentary shade of blue.

For the windows, you should use drapes for a room that gets a lot of light and valances for a room that tends to be dark. White or yellow will match the walls and ceiling well, matching the sun, moon, stars, or clouds.

For the floor, you have several choices, unless the room is already carpeted. Blue would work best for a carpet or rug, but a cream color would also work. Remember that babies spit up and create some degree of mess, so your floor covering should not show too much dirt. If you don’t mind a busy pattern, then consider a rug or carpet with stars.

Choosing the Furniture

There are a few pieces of furniture that belong in every baby’s room. You should definitely have a crib, a changing table, a place to store the child’s clothing, such as a dresser, and possibly a nightstand for a lamp, monitor, or other important items. You might add a couch or bed for yourself. You can always use the extra seating space when guests come by to see the new arrival.

The best color for furniture with the celestial theme is white, since it matches the decor. You could also go with a cream color, but if you already have some furniture, or are given some by your family, then you can’t go wrong since the celestial theme is very versatile.

Money Saving Tip #2: You can save money by getting a bed for the nursery at today’s prices and then use it for your son or daughter when they outgrow the crib.


The final touch to complete the celestial nursery is the decorating. You can’t go wrong with a nightlight, and you can fit it into your theme by acquiring either a moon or sun shaped nightlight. Most department stores also sell bedding with a moon and stars theme or a blanket with the sun on it.

Money Saving Tip #3: You can save some bucks by buying a set of bedding rather than by buying it piece by piece.

Assuming that you haven’t reached the end of your budget with the previous items, a musical mobile in the shape of the moon and stars would look great over the crib and give your baby some fun stimulation. A plush toy on the changing table can keep your infant happy and occupied during a diaper changing. If you have chosen the starry night theme, then you may want to go with a nocturnal stuffed animal, like an owl. For the day theme, a plush cow or stuffed dog or cat would be cute. A good plush toy can really brighten up a nursery.

Remember to plan out your celestial theme in advance to get an idea of how to best use your budget, and you will have a nursery that is stimulating, yet soothing. You will soon have a wonderful new room for your wonderful new arrival!

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