Create Stylish Bedrooms With Luxury Bedding

Do you feel your bedroom looks plain? Do you feel bored by the look of your bedroom?
Help is at hand, with a few simple tips you can transform your bedroom a into stylishly chic room which won’t break the bank!

A person can give one’s bedroom a makeover in several ways:
* Change the furniture, this is a costly way to transform you bedroom unless you opt for a shabby chic style of design.

* Add wooden furniture to your bedroom. Natural materials are definitely in-vogue with interior designers. The great advantage with natural wood it that it blends effortlessly with any colour scheme.

* Change the colours of your wall and artwork. By simply painting the walls will refresh a bedroom. The use of wall paper has seen a huge revival recently, having just one wall or the entire bedroom wallpapered will dramatically change its appearance.

* Add accessories like lamps and bedside table keepsakes. Try not to over clutter, just add a few very chic pieces as focal points.

* Of course, the best way to make your room stylish is by changing that bedding of yours! This is not only easy but you can create different looks throughout the year by changing your duvet sets.

If you do not want to take much of a risk and make your bedroom look simple and stylish then the best way you could do that is by adding crisp bedding that has neutral prints and shades. If you do not like multiple pillows, you could go for one big pillow as well. This keeps your bed looking clutter free.

If you want to get style with luxury then velvet bedding and embroidered sets are a good choice. However, beware as some shades can make your bed look tacky so while choosing colours make sure you choose colours which harmonise with the room.

If you want the look of designer beddings at cheaper costs try appliques with the print and colours of your choice on complementary beddings. This is a sure fire way to make your bedding look designer made.

Adding bedding and pillow covers that have laces and frills on the edges gives that luxurious and opulent look for your bedroom. What’s more, with the choices available in shades and patterns you can have your own distinct style by stitching laces of your choice onto your bedding.

One useful tip is to not overdo the lace as this can make your room look too over the top, subtlety is the key to great interiors. Embellishments, delicate sequins and button work on your bedding can not only add colour and texture, but also make your bedding look more stylish.

One can also choose ruffles instead of lace to create their look. Ruffles complete a bedding and pillowcase. However, be careful when you choose the colours as this can either make your bedding look stylish by adding a hint of colour or make it look like a mismatched upholstery on a bedding, which does not give you any specific design look, which can end up looking like a shambles rather than chic.

If you are not a big fan of designs and prints then the best way to make your room look stylish is by using bedding made of Egyptian cotton having a high thread count or using satin sheets. Earthy colours or pure white look best on Egyptian sheets with rich, deep colours make satin sheets look, sexy, sumptuous and beautiful.

Above all, make sure your luxury bedding is pulled back tightly over your bed as this just makes your bed look impeccable, unless of course you like the ‘unmade’ bed casual chic style!

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