Creating the Perfect Princess Nursery

For those of you expecting a new addition to the family, congratulations! You are in for many great joys, but also a lot of work. Whether you are planning a move to a larger house or apartment, or are staying in the same home, you need to prepare your living space for the new arrival. Not only should your home be made safe for the baby, you also need to decorate a room to serve as a nursery for the new arrival.

This may seem to be quite a task, but the key is planning ahead. The first step is choosing a theme for the baby’s room. If you are expecting a baby girl, why not choose a princess theme for your own new princess?

This article will give you some tips for creating the perfect princess nursery. Even though the theme is somewhat specific, it is still flexible enough for you to choose the furniture and decor that best suits your space and budget limitations, and allows you to express your family’s individual tastes and style.

Furniture for Your Princess

When choosing the furniture for a princess-themed nursery, go with a classic or vintage style. Modern furniture would seem out of place with a princess theme. The most important piece of furniture in any nursery is the crib, since your baby will be spending a lot of time there, and she should be comfortable and safe in her crib. A changing table is an essential for any nursery. You will also want a dresser or some other type of furniture to store the new baby’s clothes.

You will want a dresser or chest of drawers that has room for more clothes than you expect, since clothing is a popular gift for new arrivals and you may find it hard to resist picking up cute outfits when you are shopping. If space is a real problem, you could go with a combination dresser and changing table. If you have the extra space and can swing the cost, an elegant dresser with a hutch will give you some extra storage space and look appropriately elegant.

It will give the nursery a more sophisticated look if you match the crib, the dresser, and the changing table. You can plan ahead a little if you have the space by adding a small table and chair set for a child. There are many princess-themed furniture sets, some of which include a mirror, small chairs or stools, or even an armoire. Getting a matching set of furniture can really help to make a nursery princess ready!

Accessories for Your Princess

The next step is to add some accessories to the room. You will need some bedding, and you can’t go wrong with pink for a little girl. Some bedding even has a princess theme. A bed skirt can add a bit of elegance and a canopy in either pink or white will really add a touch of royalty. If you don’t like the canopy idea, try a mobile of fairies. A musical fairy mobile will entertain your daughter and look cute, too.

When decorating, it is often the little touches that make all the difference. You will want some added decor for the dresser, changing table, and other furniture. A doll or cute stuffed animal would be a good way to accomplish this. A pink or white teddy bear would add a bit of warmth and charm to the room of any princess. A realistic stuffed dog or plush cat would look good on, under or next to the changing table or dresser.

Every little princess needs a cute lapdog! An elegantly dressed doll seated in the child’s chair adds a great finishing touch.

Decor for Your Princess

After you have decided on the furniture and decorations that you want, it is time to paint the room a complimentary color. The best choice for a princess themed room is pink, but white will also work. If you go with the pink walls, keep the ceiling white so it is not overwhelming. If you have the budget and space, a chandelier can make the room look like something out of a fairytale.

If the room does not already have carpet, look for a room that matches your theme, but doesn’t show dirt too easily. Some rugs even have castles on them, and that would be a great choice. You may want to hang a few appropriate pictures on the walls, or add something with a popular Disney princess on it.

Now you have the perfect room for any tiny princess. If you choose well with the themed bedding, elegant furniture, and cute stuffed animals, you can make your baby’s nursery a delightful place with the princess theme. You may have heard the old saying “my home is my castle,” and now you can give your daughter her own castle in your home!

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