Using Colour Within Your Home

Classical interiors are full of colour, even in Victorian times they tried to include as much colour as they could within their homes. The more wealthy had the choice of paint colours in green, reds ochre, blue being the most popular, whereas the poorer people predominantly white washed their walls as paint was an unaffordable luxury.

The parlour was the place where the best of everything was displayed and until the middle of the twentieth century many homes still kept a parlour as a place to entertain guests and show off possessions which indicated they had money, even though the other rooms in the house may have been more frugally decorated.

As lifestyles changed quite drastically in the latter part of the century the need to have a parlour demised, people no longer needed one room which was kept as special, they wanted their whole houses to be acceptable places to let visitors and guests enter into. For most people this practice continues today, with homes have more relaxed and informal atmospheres were friends are made to feel at home without having to stand on ceremony.

Each decade has seen its own distinctive styles and colour trends in the world of interior design. Today, with the vast differences in building styles and people’s preferences those who follow the trends can be inspired by the numerous make-over TV programmes or look through magazine and online blogs which show the vast diversity in the way homes are decorated and furnished.

Whilst the number of people now live in what is considered to be a luxury home for the vast majority they live in smaller homes which they decorate and furnish according to their financial means. However, this does mean that their homes are any less stylish, in some ways the give a far better perception of the kind of homes people live in.

Pick any style of interior design and it will not be outdated, the return of retro and vibrancy of the swinging sixties has seen a revival in much the same way as clothing fashions. Those that hung onto their large swivel chairs really are laughing as these timeless designs are much sought after items of classical furniture.

Shabby chic is another example of the eclectic mix of styles which is fully acceptable and recognised as a style in its own right. The latest trends of contemporary design lean heavily towards white, entire rooms, all furniture and soft furnishings are white. Whilst this may be great for the younger single people it is not a practical colour to use solely for any one with children. Only using white has to be carried out very carefully otherwise an almost ‘ice queen’ look can actually make white look very cold and uninviting.

White with injections of subtle colour however, is a great way to make smaller rooms appear large as well as lighter and more inviting. Pick any colour you like to team with white and you can easily achieve a chic ans stylish look to your home.

In the bedroom use white to create a crisp clean look. White duvet covers are a great idea as you can add scatter cushions in any colour to inject colour into the room. Alternatively use brightly coloured duvet covers teamed with white decor for a stunning and very trendy look.

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