Light Kitchen Cabinets With LED Strips To Add Elegance And Save Energy

Kitchen cabinet lighting with linear strips gives the architect and builder complete freedom of application, and allows the homeowner and interior designer to generally expand the decorative quality of kitchen lighting. Custom linear strips manufactured to the exact mounting requirements and dimensions of cabinet undersurfaces and interiors allow designers to source exceptional glare free luminance. Proprietary methods of shielding make it possible to light countertops, backsplashes, and cabinet interiors with a truly exceptional quality of light.

Architects and builders should give strong consideration to the benefits of using linear lighting strips equipped with the latest LED technology. New festoon lamp design that combines a high intensity light output with a very low heat output is now available. This allows kitchen cabinet lights to work as completely concealed light sources both underneath cabinets and inside closed cabinets with glass doors.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting can provide an elegant source of task lighting for cabinets and backsplashes. Because they mount on the front undersurface of the cabinet and direct the light directly toward the backslpash and countertop, illumination more evenly spreads across the countertop surface. These strips minimize reflective glare to the greatest extent allowable by the laws of physics and reflection. Builders have long noted after they have installed this type of lighting that homeowners complimented the products on creating both a better illuminated work area and a more decorative expression from the granite and marble counters commonly found in custom kitchens.

Many of these kitchen cabinets are built with glass doors that allow collections of fine china and dinner ware to be viewed and admired. Illuminating these collections has long been a challenge for builders and designers. Many linear light strips are manufactured specifically for this purpose, but all of them generate heat buildup that limits the amount of time the homeowner can leave them on. Both incandescent and xenon lamps, though very elegant in color temperature and luminance levels, simply radiate too much heat for long periods of operation.

This was one of the primary motivators that led lighting engineers to develop the warm tone LED festoon, which is a very close match to the color temperature of xenon. The naturally cooler burn of the LED, linked with sophisticated heat management techniques now makes it possible to have the highest quality of light shine radiantly from within cabinet interior space with virtually no forward throw of heat. Even more decorative are the effects of these lights when they are dimmed. Low level lighting can be set at night when the rest of the lights in the room are turned down, allowing the contents of cabinets to be bathed in the warm amber glow of warm color LED lighting. LED also offers the additional advantages of dramatically reduced power consumption and the longest lamp life of any luminaire on the market. Homeowners can therefore expect a return on their investment in the form of power bill savings and minimized replacement costs.

Custom kitchen cabinet lights can be manufactured as either horizontally or vertically mounted fixtures, depending on the size and design of the cabinet. Because every fixture is cut to the precise dimensions of the surface to which it affixes, ordering these lights simply a matter of calling the factory and providing drawings or specifications to the custom manufacturer. Design consultants will answer any questions you may have about which trim mounts and colour temperatures will best work with your cabinet interior and the material design and aesthetic qualities of your countertops and backsplashes.

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