Window Shades Attack An Uncommon Look and Environmental Protection In Your Home

Window shades are becoming very popular. In fact, roller shades are seen in windows of various restaurants, businesses and now more homes. Today’s roller shades are being manufactured with high quality fabric for that everlasting look throughout your home, office or wherever they are being used. When a homeowner purchases roller shades, it is a wise decorating decision.

Today’s styles, which can be lovely in your homes, come in four different styles: Sheer, Semi-Sheer, Blackout and Semi-Opaque. Having four options to pick from will make a homeowners purchase more enjoyable.

Sheer Shades
If sheer roller shades are the look you desire, they allow just a little bit of light to enter a room. This means, light entering any room will not saturate it, it will only lightly expel the darkness. Sheer roller shades are great for windows where blocking the view is not an issue. These window shades also provide an elegant look, while reducing any possible glare.

Semi-Sheer Window Shades
Maybe a sheer roller shade is not what you are looking for. Perhaps the semi-sheer roller shades would be a better fit your needs. Semi-sheer roller shades will create more privacy, while gently allowing incoming light to enter a room.

Blackout Roller Shades
These types of window treatments will offer a total blackout from any light entering your room. These style window shades offer complete darkness and privacy all around. There is under a 1% chance outside light will shine through either side of these window shades. These window treatments also reduce any room’s temperatures. Window shades like these are very energy efficient. They help cut down on a homeowners heating and cooling bills.

Whatever season it is, these dark roller shades allow for low cost insulation too. When looking at blackout roller shades, inquire about their thickness too. The thicker the shades, the more insulation your room will receive. If you are looking to cut down on your monthly energy bills, the best way to hang these blackout roller shades is on the outside window frame. Because the summer temperature goes up and down, you never know how long your air conditioner will run. This is when owning blackout roller shade will be your best home décor investment. Owning these window shades will reduce your electric bill more than you know. Using the Smooth Lift mechanism on the window shades will allow you to let in, or out, the amount of light needed in any room.

Semi-Opaque Roller Shades
If looking for window treatments that offer incoming medium or low light, what you need are semi-opaque roller shades. These window shades can also offer homeowners the privacy they seek while only letting in a little bit of light.

All four of these window shades come in all the colors of the rainbow and various contemporary patterns too. Today’s roller shades are far from boring. In fact, the homeowner does not have to choose from what is on the showroom floor anymore, they can request a particular color, shade and style that goes with their room(s) décor.

Another thing to keep in mind when making your purchase is that roller shades will break down quickly. This means, they do not stay in our landfills forever. Also, the window shades of today are made with high quality fabrics for better control. If you purchase the Smooth Lift roller shades, they allow for more durability that extends the life of these window shades. These Smooth Lift roller shades also prevent an unnecessary accident around young children.

When deciding on what style, price and pattern you want for your roller shades, it is best to look at these window shades as an investment for your everyday living. Take your time looking around and feeling the types of roller shades before your purchase. Find a salesperson that can answer all your questions.

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