Designing the Ideal Nursery for Your New Son

It is an exciting time when you are expecting a new addition to the family. This article is designed to help expecting parents plan, design, and put together a terrific nursery for a baby boy. (Look for my other article if you are expecting a baby girl.)

With a few simple steps, you can create a nursery that will transform a regular room into the perfect boy’s nursery. In addition to the furnishings that you have to have, you can add a few personal touches like stick-on wall accessories and stuffed animals to create a charming and pleasant new nursery for your son.

You will have a lot of decisions to make when designing your son’s nursery. You must decide what color you want the walls to be, what decorations you want, and what type of furniture would be best. You may think that there are a greater variety of choices for a girl’s nursery than a boy’s, but you will have a lot of different, appropriate items from which to pick to complete your son’s nursery.

In fact, there are just as many great decorative and practical items for a boy’s room. Below you will find some suggestions for different themes and decor for his new nursery.

You first need to consider the overall style of your home to insure that the furnishings you choose for the nursery will match the decor of the rest of your house or apartment. If your home is traditional, use more traditional nursery furnishing; if it is more modern, use more modern furnishings. Whatever type of decor you have in the rest of your house, you have to make sure to get the basics.

These include a crib, a changing table, a place to store clothing such as a dresser or chest of drawers, and some toys or stuffed animals to give the nursery the comfortable feeling of a kid’s room. You may also add some furniture for yourself, such as a rocking chair, or some child’s furniture. Once you have decide on the basics, you can get some decorative items.

You may want to come up with a theme for the room to help everything work together. Some good themes for a boy’s room include a sports theme, such as football, baseball, basketball, or some combination thereof, a cowboy or western theme, a car or truck theme, or an outer space theme. Dinosaurs, ships, superheroes, and animals also work well in a young boy’s room.

The Basics

The colors and paint choice should be one of the first things that you decide. Darker colors, such as blue and green are more appropriate for a boy’s room than lighter colors, like yellow or pink. The furniture has to compliment the wall colors and the theme. If you are using dark blue walls with an outer space theme, then you may want to go with lighter color furniture, such as a white changing table or rocking chair. If you are using a golden color for the walls with a cowboy theme, than birch furniture would be best.

Once you have decided on the main color scheme, you can pick out the specific furniture. Many pieces of nursery furniture are sold as matching sets, which can make your choice a lot easier. It can also be a cheaper option. Although you will definitely need a changing table, you can make due with a large dresser if you put a changing pad on top of it. This can save space and money.

You may want a large dresser because people often wind up with more clothing for their baby than they expect, since relatives often give outfits as gifts for the newborn. A table and chair set in appropriate child sizes can give you a head start if you have the room and budget. Remember to give yourself and guests a place to sit, like a sofa and rocker.

Decorations and Accessories

You will want some containers of various types for storage, like toy chests or shelving. A good storage shelf will help you keep needed items handy. You can use it for diapers, pacifiers, diaper-rash cream, etc. It should be within reach of the changing table, if possible.

A cute plush toy, like a stuffed dog, teddy bear, or even something more exotic like a plush moose will add personality and keep your child happy and occupied if it is on the changing table. You can add a decorative touch with posters or wall hangings, stick-on wall art and more stuffed animals.

Now that you have taken care of the practical items like furniture and storage, you can get to the fun part of decorating a nursery. You can liven up the walls with stick-ons like clouds, planes, or sports stars. You can even create a mural of them along the same theme. You may want a growth chart on the wall to monitor your child’s height. You should add a few stuffed animals for the chairs or in the corners. This is a great way to make the room fun and give it the feel of a kid’s room.

You could use a teddy bear on the dresser, a plush dog for the windowsill, or even a stuffed buffalo if you are going with the cowboy theme. Kids love plush toys, and any little boy would like a stuffed dog or plush fox. You could also add a toy or two that matches the theme you have chosen.

If you went with the cowboy theme, a rocking horse would look great with that plush buffalo. If you went with the outer space theme, a mobile of stars and planets over the crib is a terrific decoration and could lead to your son choosing a career with NASA! If you went with the car and truck theme, then some toy cars are a great addition.

Now you have everything ready for the new arrival. It can be fun creating a nursery for your son, even if there is some work involved. Congratulations on the blessed event!

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