Are Complete Room Makeovers Really Necessary?

Chic interiors are those which suit the dimensions of the room and suit the personality of the person or people living in the space. It is this diversity in people’s personalities, likes and dislikes which makes interior design so exciting!

Many people strive to emulate the latest design styles and yet often are more intent of showing fashion trends than feeling comfortable within their own homes. You only have to look at the wide variations in designs for all types of homes from around the globe to see the how this diversity is used effectively.

On the other hand there are many homes where a ‘make do with anything’ approach is taken. This may be due to budget restraints but more typically it is because many people find the whole concept of interior design a huge problem! The number of TV programmes showing DIY disasters and room makeovers is also overwhelming the TV channels as people try to make their homes chic and stylish and end up with a jumble of half finished projects and homes which have no theme, style or coordinated looks. This can be extremely frustrating, which is why these types of TV programmes have become so popular!

Another problem for many people is their choice of furniture and where to place it within the room to make maximum use of the space. One approach which has become popular is to take everything out of the room, paint it white and stand back and see the amount of available space. This concept works on the principle of working with a blank canvas. It is far easier to completely re-vamp a room if your eyes are not bombarded with aspects and features which you may not like!

Another way interior designers achieve this is to make computer aided designs and drawings, however, this is the hallmark of their trade which is beyond the average person’s capabilities, hence the need for professional designers! It may be far easier to construct sample boards which can be fun and a great way of achieving your desired design style.

One of the things you should do is clear the room of clutter, this will not only give it a instant up-lift but will also enable you to concentrate on the aspects you wish to alter, whether that be the flooring, wall colour or re-arrangement of furniture.

One of the latest design trends is to keep homes clutter free, again there are numerous TV programmes showing us how to organised our living spaces, minimise clutter and clean houses to prevent build-up of dirt and debris! Whether you like these types of programmes or not having a clutter free home will undoubtedly transform a room, you may even find that there is no need to completely re-decorate which is a cost effective way of sprucing up your home on a budget.

Simple aspects such as adding cushions and changing the curtains can reinvigorate a room. Opt for ready made eyelet curtains as these are simple to fit and provide a chic style. Having full length curtains has been a trend which remains extremely popular with interior designers. If you chose vertical patterns it will give the illusion of more height to the room. Selecting neutral colours is another way of making a room appear large.

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