Changing The Style Of Your Bathroom On A Budget

Bring colour into your bathroom with great colour combinations which remind you of your holidays!

The revival of white bathrooms suites enables you to use any colour you want to without it being uniform. Free standing roll top baths with claw feet are becoming increasingly popular as they enable you to place the bath anywhere you like, rather than having to jam them up against a wall!

Tuscany colours which include terracotta, gorgeous azure blue and sea greens, are a great way to bring a warmth to your bathroom. Whilst Indian summer can be replicated with rich sunset colours and hues by using a mix of painted walls and curtains.

If you have a small bathroom to provide the illusion of more space white is definitely a wall colour to opt for, along with a white bathroom suite. Inject colour through use of floor colour or by having a few strategically placed coloured perfume bottles. Keeping the window treatment white as well because this will allow as much light as possible into the room. As bathroom are private spaces you will need to give consideration to the type of window treatment you use. Venetian blinds are a great idea if you don’t have frosted windows, whilst a combination of blinds and curtains offer the best of both worlds as you are given both privacy and style.

Opt to use beautiful voile curtains rather than the more traditional style of net curtains if you don’t want to use a blind. Add full length curtains for a really relaxing look which also adds a sumptuous look of luxury and stops the clinical feel which many bathrooms have.

Place mirrors not only to enable personal routines to be performed, but also to bring more light into the room. Habitually mirrors are placed above the basin, however by including other mirrors you can capture as much light as possible, which will also make the room appear larger.

Some of the latest bathroom designs styles have only the very basic essentials such as stripped floorboards, which can be painted white if they are not in very good order, a free standing bath and basin and an old fashioned style toilet. Towels are being seen hung from short ladders to add a chic style. A dinning room style wooden chair is also an important aspect in this style of bedroom, with natural soaps and vases of fresh flowers to bring a modern style with a touch of the past!

Alternatively, contemporary style bathrooms are being seen with unusual basin in a wide variety of different styles with counter top circular basins in natural materials such as marble or glass provide a contemporary styling. Clear sided baths are also being used by designers or roll top bath with vibrantly coloured outers.

As with any contemporary design the designers are leaving few personal objects on view, such as shampoo bottles and shower gels, these are always returned to a cupboard and kept out of sight! The average person’s bathroom is full of half used bottles of bath foam and shampoo, toothpaste tubes and all the trappings of daily hygiene routines.

If you want an easy and inexpensive way to transform your bathroom, simply put all of these items away in a vanity style cupboard and only leave the pretty glass or ceramic bottles or jars on display! Always fold towels or hang them up. Restrict the amount of objects you leave on open display, if you walk into a jumble mess it will automatically deflate you mood!

Change the window dressing for full length curtains and use tie backs to hold them in place. This style looks stunning in older style homes as well as adding a modern twist in contemporary deign styles.

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