The Elegant History Of Carriage Clocks

A carriage clock is a rectangular cased clock of modest proportions and size. It was basically designed for the rigors of travel or other equally demanding endeavor during the 19th century era. Most people usually traveled by carriage during this time (more prevalent in richer folks), and this is the main reason why these clocks were dubbed as carriage clocks. Evolution of its design was basically due to the fact that conventional clocks couldn’t really handle long and rough-road travels so they understandably had to be built so they would not fail during these trips.

During the last years of the 1860s, carriage clocks were very fashionable and during their day, they were often given away at events like weddings, birthdays, and graduations or eve at royal or political celebrations.

Though they are large to our modern eyes, carriage clocks were known as the definitive travel clocks of the eighteenth century. The spring driven mechanisms of this type of clock are protected by the strong casing.

Consider whether you have a simple travel clock from the time period or if you have an actual carriage clock. First, what kind of material is the clock made out of? The housing of carriage clocks tend to be made out of metals like bright brass or silver. The face of the clock is sheeted with clear glass to allow for good visibility, and the hand will tend to be colored black, making it more visible against the porcelain background. The hands or the background may sometimes be decorated with painting or with carves porcelain scenes, though this might be more common among antique carriage clocks. Also examine the clock for the carrying handle that is a part of the design.

Most carriage clocks are built with chimes or melodies that mark every hour (or half-hour). Some are even designed to play full songs that have wide arrays of differing chords/notes. In a lot of these clock’s cases, the top is built with a large bell that resonates every marked hour.

When you are looking at the classic carriage clocks, watch out for clean and clear markings that are visible through the ornate features. You may find that your clock is decorated with things like foliage, porcelain, gemstones and inlaid enamel

One of the reasons why so many people adore carriage clocks is due to their regal and highly decorative look. You can use these clocks to decorate your home, but remember that they are also quite useful as good time pieces. If you are someone who enjoys decorating with antiques, see how this might work for you.

These days, you’ll find that carriage clocks that have been produced in the modern era tend to have quartz movements rather than the traditional clockworks. However, make sure that you take a look and know what you are buying; you never know when you are going to find a joyfully detailed reproduction.

Even though we have largely switched over to the digital effectiveness of modern clocks, you’ll still see that these charmingly antiquated clocks are widely available both online and off. While some companies are relatively new to the field, you’ll find that there are definitely other companies that have been making them for over a hundred years. Look around for the designs that really reach you and make sure that you know what the classical patterns that you really love are.

When you are shopping for a way to remember some of the charming past, use a carriage clock and see how it enchants you.

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