Deregulation Gave Us the Power to Chose Texas Electricity Suppliers

I can remember back when you got your electric bill from your local electricity provider in Texas. That was how it was. Then the government deregulated electric power. A lot of folks did not even know what that meant. Deregulate? Does that mean the electricity coming into your house will be substandard? No, but if you know people, you can imagine how rumors did abound. When we were deregulated, it simply meant we had the power to choose Texas electricity suppliers other than our local electricity company.

If you live in a regulated state, you are probably wondering how you can get electricity from another provider when you only have the one set of wires running into your house. Well, the electrical grid is interconnected. Local companies service their own lines, but the electricity flowing from them is just energy from the national electric grid. I’m not sure there even exists an isolated electric service company any longer. Well, there would be for isolated places. Probably some remote areas have a small power generation plant that is not connected to the national grid.

Switches, computers, huge power transmission lines and other infrastructure are part of the national grid. Your local power company pumps out power into the grid. It technically may reach your house, but meters of how much they produce and how much you consume determine and make sure the right companies get paid. I pay for electricity from our local provider because right now they are the cheapest for me. Where you are at you might save by signing up with another provider that has different discounts or a lower per kilowatt hour rate. The guy reading your meter reports your usage, and you get billed by your provider for what you use regardless that you are connected to local power lines originally installed by your electric company.

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