How to Celebrate Your Retirement in Palm Desert

One of the biggest goals for many adults is retirement, with the ability to awake without an alarm clock and enjoy life on simpler terms. Making it to retirement age is a major accomplishment and one that should be celebrated. Consider your goals for this new chapter in your life, as you plan the best ways to celebrate. Palm Desert provides ample opportunities for enjoying entertainment, food and more.

1.) The day of your retirement should be celebrated as you would any birthday or anniversary. Whether enjoying a fine dining meal with your spouse at Pacifica, one of the best restaurants in Palm Desert or throwing a gathering in your home with friends, it’s important to truly enjoy this milestone.

2.) Purchase something permanent to commemorate the date; a watch or piece of jewelry can provide a constant reminder of your achievement throughout the year. Have the jeweler engrave the date on the finished piece.

3.) For the first few weeks take time to do something for you each day or night. For example, you can spend the day reading or take in a show at McCallum Theatre. On another day you can spend the day golfing at the Bighorn Golf Club.

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