Space Saving Beds

If you have a small bedroom or you need an additional bed to be put up there are many types of beds available that help make the maximum use of the space. The bunk bed, loft beds, futons, Murphy beds, sofa beds, trundle beds are some of the many options available in the market.

The bunk beds are a good option for the children’s room. They are two beds one on top of the other held apart by support struts. Hence it gives you two beds in the space for one, freeing up area for the kids study and play. Of course safety precautions should be considered and the bunk beds should be used only for children above the age of six.
A variation of the bunk bed is the loft bed, where there is a bed on top, but the lower area can be used for a variety of purposes. It is sometimes used as a storage space. It is common these days to find the empty space designed into a study with a table and storage cabinets.

Sofa beds are a good option if you need to have a spare bed for occasional visitors. They are used as sofas or seating arrangement during the day and can be unfolded into a bed for the night. There are numerous designs available and one should choose based on comfort and ease of use.

Traditionally the futons were thin mattresses that were and are still used in Japan. They are folded and stored away when not in use. Today they have been modified and used in the west to look similar to a sofa bed. They usually have a wooden or metal frame with a thin mattress which can be used as a sofa and unfolded to be used as a bed.

Murphy beds or the wall beds are another option available. Here the bed is stored against the wall and can be folded out for use when needed. The wall beds come in high quality and designs to match your home decor that it might be difficult to tell there is a bed. These are ideal for a small apartment or as guest beds to be used in your den or study. There are varieties available where the bed is stored inside a closet with doors.

You also have the Fu chest futon bed another option for hidden beds. They look like attractive chest of drawers when not in use. The mattress is stored within this designed faux chest of drawers.

The trundle bed is another convenient and good option for a space saving bed. It is basically an extra bed that can be stored under the regular bed. When needed it can be rolled out from under the main bed. It is a great option to have for kids sleepover parties. There are variations available. The basic one is a low frame and there are others available that can rise up to the height of the main bed. It is usually advisable to buy the trundle bed as a set, a pair designed to fit and work together.

The high platform bed is becoming common these days. It gives you additional storage space under the bed. They look sleek and stylish.

Always try to use the vertical space around you in order to maximize the available floor space.

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