Beautiful Curtains To Suit The Interior Design Style Of Your Home

Window treatments such as beautiful curtains help in changing the informal mood of your living room to a very desirable relaxed atmosphere.

Sweeping curtain open from the centre and allowing them to cascade into pools of fabric are ideal for modern homes. Traditional styles opt for a more formal look when the curtains are opened and sit majestically either side of the window, this style adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your home.

Nowadays, there is a new trend of ready made curtains, since you get a great range of colours and sizes to choose from. It is not only the colours and sizes, but also the variety of textures they are offered in which makes them so popular among all home-owners. You can be as creative as you want while choosing the best texture, colour, the correct size, and different accessories to make your curtains look different and compliment your interior design style.

Your room can easily look sophisticated and majestic if the windows of your room are decorated with a slightly luxurious damask or jacquard fabric, especially if they are bay windows. Make these materials your top choice, since they are available in medium weight fabric, along with a colourful range and versatile patterns.

Manufacturers offer curtains with deep subtle folds which in turn produce beautiful pleats. You can also get hold of ready-made curtains especially designed for bay windows. Eyelet curtains provide a trendy look to your living room and are an economic choice for modern or contemporary homes.

The fall of the curtain is also as important to achieve the desired look. Depending on the style of the headings you can enhance the window dressings by using different curtain poles or tracks. Medium weight curtains in light colours are best for bay windows and the poles for these windows are made according to their size and shape to ensure a perfect fitting. It is advisable to go for traditional curtain tracks for heavy curtains so that the curtains can be opened or drawn with minimum effort.

Long and dark curtains go best with dark furniture. They provide a warmth and cosy atmosphere in cold evenings in a traditionally designed home. To give a classic look, you can fit these with beautiful swag and tails or pellets.

To change your old dining room furniture and offer it a contemporary look, light coloured curtains with contrasting dark edges of faux suede look awe inspiring. For comparatively smaller dining rooms, ready-made pastel coloured curtains give a more sophisticated look. These ready-made curtains are impressively affordable as well.

To provide your dining room with a fresh feel, you can choose between modern looking floral curtains or curtains with traditional designs. If you have large windows facing a sea or a bay, then curtains with a pale background and colourful flowers can give a great effect to the room.

For a more contemporary look for your interior, then you need to go for either faux suede or corded fabrics. These fabrics when combined with neutral tones give the desired contemporary effect to the room. This type of combination complements the modern furniture and informal lifestyles effortlessly. The faux suede fabric is quite soft and thus, offers an innocent look to your room. However, when hung using rings and poles, curtains made from this fabric look extremely smart. If complimented with tie backs which can furthermore enhance their overall appearance.

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