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How to Make a Name Art Rope Name art is one of the creative and useful craft that a person can make out of resourcefulness and creativeness because he or she can use different crafts and materials to make one and it can be used in different occasions like birthdays, baptisms, graduations, special gatherings, Christmas and other related holidays or even on an ordinary day when you like to create one for yourself. You could customize in any way your own name art through utilizing different crafts and art materials that can help beautify your own name art. Name arts can be created using different kinds of materials be it expensive or inexpensive materials because in our example stated above the materials used were not that expensive and it is something unique on using a twisted rope to create a name art than the usual use of art paper, yarns, stuffed letters or beads. Through the help of online sources and books, you could make your own name art with easy guides to follow. The different materials that you would have to prepare before creating a name art made up of rope are twisted rope, wood glue, corn starch, water, parchment paper, rubber gloves, butcher paper and mixing bowl. First is to put the whole spread of the butcher paper on the floor so that you could prevent glue from dripping on your floor then you could place the parchment paper on top of the butcher paper so that you could start drawing the patterns of your letters on how big it will look what kind of design you want your letters to look like.
Smart Ideas: Names Revisited
Second step is to prepare your mixing bowl by placing a plastic in it so that it would not be messy then you could put corn starch, water and the glue together by mixing it and you could finally dip the rope slowly into the mixing bowl using a rubber glove so that it would stick into your hands. There will be a yellowish appearance on the rope after you dipped it into the glue but it will soon clear once it gets dry.
Smart Ideas: Names Revisited
The twisted rope with glue can be now placed on the parchment paper where you have drawn your own pattern then you could place heavy objects on top of the rope so that the patter would not change and to dry also the rope but your could also remove the heavy objects on the following morning until it gets dry. The use of painter’s tape and small nails to stick into the wall your name art rope is a good thing to do so that it can be more readable and presentable.

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