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Choosing the Right Bathroom Taps for Your Water System When you have the wrong bathroom tap, this can result in your basin tap not having a consistent water flow, or the two taps not working at all. To prevent both scenarios, make sure you get a tap that is made for your current water system. This system can only be high-pressure or low pressure. Low pressure systems, which are usually found in older properties, are made up of a cold water storage tank as well as a hot water cylinder. A system such as this will normally need a maximum of 0.5 bar of pressure to work. On the other hand, high-pressure systems are combination boilers and are very popular in the UK nowadays. They just heat the water you use, and that means you don’t need space for a hot/cold water tank. The water just flows through a boiler (either wall or floor-mounted) which is usually exposed.. The pressure can be anywhere from 0.5 to 4, depending on location, so using a pressure gauge is important.
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Some systems are unvented and require hot water to be stored under pressure in some large container within the area. The pressure must be 1-4 bar, but again, you need a pressure gauge to know the exact figure.
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After knowing the kind of pressure system in your house, you can begin looking for a tap to buy. Remember that for a low-pressure system, a 0.2 bar pressure tap is generally okay, but with a high pressure system, you have to pick something between low and high pressure taps. Still, a low pressure system can render a high pressure tap useless, so you really need to be cautious as you make your choice. Some taps have valves that only work with a pressure system. One example is a group of taps that have ceramic disc technology. These taps have two ceramic discs with slots fitting over the end of the water feed pipe. When the tap head is used, the upper disc moves the lower disc, and this means that water only comes out when the two disc slots match. The advantage of this is that a small turn of the tap head is enough to turn the taps fully on, so that you don’t need a lot of pressure to use a tap. This requires a high pressure system because through the valve itself, water flow may decelerate, while a traditional tap requires low pressure because it permits more water in the valve. It’s important to make these considerations before buying a bathroom tap because it can save you from unnecessary expenses in the future. The advice of a professional will certainly help.

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