Creative Ideas For Children’s Bedrooms

Decorating your child’s bedroom is nothing like decorating your own. It is important to make the distinction as early as possible so that you do not transfer adult design ideas and techniques to a child’s room.

In an adults room the primary focus is on style, comfort and relaxation. Most of our time spent in our bedroom is sleeping, we spend most of our waking time out of our bedrooms and in other areas such as the living room of the house. This is not true for children, they are less concerned about style, focusing instead on just whatever they like and enjoy. They also use their rooms for far more purposes than we would, from reading books, playing games, drawing and so on.

It is a good idea to take advantage of this multifunction idea of your child’s bedroom, by splitting the room in to distinct areas. This doesn’t have to be a literal division at all, and in most cases it would be impractical. The best way to implement the different sections of the room is to group furniture with the same purpose or that will be used for similar activities together.

Simple things like putting a comfortable small chair close to where your child’s books are kept makes it far easier for your child to start reading. A desk next to or near to the window allows for greater light when drawing or painting, as well as giving an area to do homework.

It is a good idea to give your child a lot of say in what their bedroom looks like, it is their’s after all! It will also allow them to feel a great connection to their room, as they will feel like they had a real impact on how it looks and the layout used.

In saying that, when it comes to a child’s bedroom it can often be a difficult task to mix what your child likes at the moment, and what they will like in a months time! As such it is important to try and decorate it in non-specific ways, focusing on colours and patterns that are not specific to a certain TV programme for example.

While children tend to love bright and beautiful colours such as bright reds, blues, pinks and so forth, try not to use too bright colours everywhere. They can tend to make the room too lively and will reduce the feeling of relaxation in the room, which is important when it comes to things such as sleeping or resting.

A great idea is to paint three of the walls in a light colour and one in a more vibrant but slightly darker shade of the same colour. The best place for this bolder wall is where the play area of the room is. This also has a dual purpose, as by having three light coloured walls and one darker wall it gives the illusion of making the room seem bigger, this works in any room of the house, not just your child’s room.

Finally children’s curtains should be fairly light, not just in colour but also in how much light they allow into the room, although it is advisable to not make them too light if there are street lights that might make sleeping difficult unless you include a blackout lining.

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