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6 Tips To Help You Find A Dog Walking Business Always remember that there is nothing wrong in being choosy on which dog walker or dog walking business to hire for your beloved pet. You will leave them in supervision and care of these people so keep that in mind; that is why it’s crucial that they are really aware of what they’re doing. I have listed some important things you should remember to guarantee that you could find the right firm for your needs. Tip 1: Be sure that your dog isn’t walked with other dogs that don’t belong to you. Dog walking business must never walk dogs that are unfamiliar to each at once. Remember that no more than 2 medium to larger size dogs should be walked together and no more than 3 small dogs should be walked at the same time.
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Tip 2: See to it that the company you have chosen is implementing the right techniques for leash walking. The walker should also have treats for having positive reinforcements as well as doggie bottle with tray especially for hot scorching days.
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Tip 3: The walker that will be assigned to your dog should be certified. Possessing a certification from national organization only guarantees that your dog walker has undergone proper training and even safety measures for your dog. With this, do inquiries if they could show you proofs of their certification to have peace of mind. Tip 4: The dog walker that will be assigned in walking your dog should be certified in both First Aid as well as CPR. With this being said, whenever there is an emergency, they would know how to respond to it. Tip 5: Never ever deal business with a dog walking firm without singing a contract that clearly outlines their services, policies and fees. Contracts aren’t there to just protect the walker of your dog but at the same time, this serves as a protection both for you and for your pet too. Because of this, the contract you would sign should state the things that would happen in case of emergencies with your dog, what would happen when the assigned dog walk can’t walk your pet and the likes. Tip 6: Always ask for references and don’t hesitate to give them a call. All professional companies should be able to provide you with references of previous clients that they have worked with in the past. Be sure to ask these people about their personal experience while having the company walk their dogs when calling them. When looking for a dog walking business, always use these 6 tips.

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