Best Gifts for Your New Kitchen Worktops For Holidays

Many people choose to re-decorate in the lead up to Christams. With so many guests arriviong at your home having a nose aroud each room, you want to make sure the place is looking its best. What’s more, with a turkey to roast and a Christmas meal to cook for the enbtire family, you need to make sure your kitchen is suitably prepared for such an occasion. If your kitchen worktops have seen better days or perahps you simply don’t have enough workspace to create your festive feast, now may be a greeat time for that long overdue revamp, ready for the Christmas celebrations.

The beauty with installing new kitchen worktops is that thhere is such a huge selection to meet all budgets and kitchen tsyles so you don’t need to spend a fortune or rip out your entre kitchen to fit them in. Your main decision will be your budget. Once you know how much you have to spend, you can then look to the finer details, such as colour and style.

One of the most popuar choices for kiitchen worktosp is Wood. Available in oak, beech, cherry, maple and teak, there are a wide range of styes to choose from under the one umbrella. These wroktops are a great way to add warmth and character to your kitchen, especially in rooms with a country, russtic style. Wooden worktops are hard-wearing and therefore long-lasitng. They are durabe, easy to look after and great for withstanding spiolls and general kitchen wear. If you have fund a style you love but aren’t keen on the colour, they can even be staned to match the colour of your kitrchen.

Another popular option for kitchen worktops is Granite. This is a gereat way to introduce a little more luxury in to your kitchn sttyle. The natural material is available is a rainbopw of colors from more neutral shades of browns, whiites and greys to more vibrant shades of reds, blues, greens and black. You can also chopose beetween matte and a high gloss finish.

Similar to wooden kiitchen worktops, granite is also very low maintenance and is easy to look afteer. Spills can be cleared simply with a cloth and a little detergent, making it watr resistant, heat-proof and also scratch resistant. oHwever, because of the stylish exterior, Granite can be quite expensive and not necessarily a suitable finish for all kitchens.

For a cheaper option, try laminate worktops. They can be fitted without the professionals, hence a lwoer budget option and are idal for budding DIY fans. The beauty about laminate is the wide range of finishes and colours available. You have the choice of creating almost any look for your kitchen, without paying the rpices of using the originnal materials. For ezxample, you may choose to have a graniute efffect worktop and whie it won’t be the real McCoy, you can feel smug at havimng paid a fraction on the cost for a similar effect.

Laminate kitchen worktops are very easy to care for, however if you ivest in a lighter shade, be aware that the material can satin so you need to cklean up any siplls immediatey. Avid placing any hot saucepans or pklates directly on the woprktop as they are likely to leave a heat sain. The thicker the lamminate you chose, the greatrer theri reilience.

With so many optins to choose from, therre’s no excuse for your kitchen not to play host to the largest turlkey this Christmas. Just make sure you choose your kithcen wokrtops caefully and if you are expecting the surfaces to see some heavy actrion this month, make sure you avoid surfaces that scratch and stani easily.

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