Give Your Home Style with Natural Wood Flooring

When choosing flooring for your home you are faced with overwhelming choices. Do you choose stone? Laminate? Tile? While these are all good choices, you may want to go with a more sustainable flooring choice. Natural wood flooring is both green and long lasting. Wood floors fit in naturally with all decorating styles and can add warmth to your home. Wide plank flooring like that manufactured by Zeagler Farms is a perfect choice.

Wood flooring is durable and easily cleaned and maintained. It won’t trap dust, mold, or other allergens like carpet and isn’t easily damaged like some forms of laminate and tile.

You will want to purchase your wood flooring from a company that is involved in all parts of the manufacturing process. This will give you 100% control from the start of the process through finalization and will help you guarantee that your floors come from a natural and sustainable source.

Wood flooring is often sold in packages that include different widths and lengths, which allows them to be placed in patterns that emulate a more natural appearance. Wide plank pine flooring can be purchased in a variety of finishes, including:

Wire Brushed Style Planks

Wire brushing can add to a woods warm appearance and adds distinction to the wood grain.

Rustic Style Planks

Rustic style planks fit right in with the western or log cabin look. It is a wonderful addition to ranches or any home that enjoys that “country” feeling.

Old World Style Planks

Planks have been distressed by hand to give it an older appearance. The process imbeds the wood with nicks and scratches that add to its charm and makes it appear as if it has always been a part of your home.

Driftwood Style Planks

Driftwood planking is often darker in color than other choices and brings to mind sandy beaches and lakeside cabins. It is a wonderful addition to rooms that need a bit of warmth in their décor.

Oyster Shell Style Planks

Oyster shell planks are light in color and can be a welcome addition to a room that needs lightening. It can contrast wonderfully with dark furniture and is perfect for both casual and more formal spaces.

Wood floors are a perfect choice for all homes. Their durability can add to your home’s value and last a lifetime.

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