Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Cat Free of Fleas

As a cat owner, you do all you can to take care of your cat and make sure they stay healthy. One threat to cats can cause health concerns, skin irritation and itching. Fleas are a big problem for any cat owner. Unfortunately, these pests seem to come out of nowhere and begin to feed on a cat. They can cause all types of irritation and itching in the skin. A cat can even become infested with parasites from ingesting the fleas. This is why it is crucial cats are properly treated for fleas so they are no longer causing health concerns.

  • Cat owners need to avoid allowing their cats to play outside. The outside is full of all types of pests, including fleas. If you absolutely must allow a cat outdoors, check their fur carefully for any signs of fleas.
  • If your notice your cat is itching on and biting at their skin and fur, make sure you do a thorough check. Sometimes, fleas can be difficult to spot. Ideally, cats should be checked at least once a week for any signs of fleas so they can be taken care of promptly, before a big problem arises.
  • Flea collars are not always effective in getting rid of a flea problem, but they can be helpful. It is important to find a flea collar that is recommended by vets so it is deemed safe. Never use a flea collar or any flea product that is not intended for cats.
  • Using a safe flea treatment that also acts as a preventative is key to getting rid of fleas and keeping them away. Though there are plenty of products on the market, it is best to purchase a treatment from a vet so you know you are getting a strong, yet safe treatment.

Following these tips can help to keep your cat free of fleas. For more helpful hints, contact your veterinarian. He or she can examine your cat and help you decide what type of flea intervention is needed. By being proactive with your cat’s care, he or hse can stay happy and healthy.

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