Things to Consider When Looking at Winter Dog Coats

Winter’s cold means packing on the extra layers. But your dog also wants to be a part of the outdoors. So, it is important to also provide them a layer of warmth when romping outside. So, here are some things to think about in regards to buying your dog a winter coat.

One of the most important things to consider when buying winter dog coats is the size of your dog. This will help ensure that you get a correct fit. If you aren’t sure, measure your dog’s torso to find out how long it is. Then compare that to the sizing charts. If your dog has a deep chest, make sure to measure that as well to see if the jacket fits. If your dog is between sizes, check to see if the coat is adjustable. You want a snug fit but not one that is too tight because it will restrict movement. If you go too big, the gaps will allow the cold air to flow in.

Another thing to consider is if your dog needs their legs covered. If they are only going outside for bathroom and exercise breaks, the legs are probably not necessary. But if you are on an all day outing, than you might want that extra protection. It depends on how long your dog is going to be outside and what they are doing.

You should also consider the overall thickness of the coat. Remember to factor in your dog’s own natural protection to the cold. If they have no protection, a thicker coat is required for outside play. You also need to consider the average outdoor temperatures. In addition, consider factors such as snow for additional moisture protection. Some coats have an extra layer of waterproof protection.

Winter’s cold temperatures are as hard on dogs as they are on people. Some dogs just need that extra layer of protection against the cold so they can handle the weather. So, you should think about these different things when buying a winter coat for you dog. After all, dogs want to spend time outdoors even in the winter.

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