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Allergies That May Affect Your French Bulldog Some people may not realize that dogs are very prone to allergies brought about by both what they eat and where they live. And among the dogs that are quickly affected by this are French Bulldogs. So before getting a puppy of your own, you should know of what the signs and symptoms of allergies are; it may sound trivial but allergies are not to be taken lightly at all. Did you know that the dog’s fur color can already determine if it’s more prone to allergies? Allergies are known to attack those with the lightest fur colors and as it turns out, French bulldogs are one of them. Let’s not forget that if your dog happens to be small in size and frame, then he or she is more likely to acquire certain kinds of allergies. This is because their small size will make them inhale certain irritants that are on the floor and ground, unlike for bigger dogs that are not as close to the ground as them. The finer the fur, the more easy the particles penetrate through. And because the allergies may cause the do too much discomfort, one has to be extremely careful with this type of dog. You know your pup is in trouble when he starts to rub his face on anything that’s in his way – the furniture, the carpets/rugs, etc. Besides that, make sure you also take a look if your pet is biting and chewing on his feet which he normally doesn’t do and constantly scratches his ears. A case like this is already a clear sign of irritant infestation that has scattered through the whole body of the dog; the scratching becomes harder and harder and yet there is no relief felt at all and that can be very frustrating for the dog. To remedy this, why not clean the feet and face of the dog with the use of a clean and soft cloth that’s damp at the same time; this should be done every time the dog comes from outside of the house so it’s assured that whatever was acquired outside will be taken away. An irritated skin can cause uneasiness and that’s why the cloth needs to be damp rather than just plain dry; it can provide a cooling effect when it touches the skin and that can make the dog or puppy feel better instantly.
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An allergy is something that seems to be coming back too many times and that is the same case for frequent and recurring ear infections; it’s not only an infection but could already be an allergy you were just not aware of. Just keep in mind that when you are unsure on what to do and what needs to be done, it’s better to still seek the professional expertise of the vet; take the dog immediately when you see signs of distress and possible allergies.Pets – Getting Started & Next Steps

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